Therapy, Round Two

Today I went to my second session in this round of therapy. I find that the days I think, I have nothing to talk about, or, I feel OK today, end up being the hardest sessions. Today’s appointment was no exception. There were lots of tears and seven hours later I still feel so exhausted.

My eyes hurt. Every part of me feels achy and I don’t think I can attribute it to this morning’s workout. I’m tired. I have no appetite.

Therapy is work.

My feelings about my therapist are complicated. My last therapist was a sweetheart. Sitting in her office felt meditative and serene. It was exactly what I needed during that time. My new therapist is kind of a realist. She tells me like it is and doesn’t sugar coat it. It is exactly what I need this time.

My previous experience was about learning about myself, opening up old wounds, and finding my coping mechanisms. This experience is about perspective. Both will be equally important. Both will save my life.

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