A Big Change

In November my partner and I were extremely close to buying a house. It had been a long, difficult year and it felt like things were starting to come together. We looked at a lot of homes and nothing felt right. A discussion with both of our parents led us to decide to increase our price range and so we had lined up a half dozen beautiful homes to look at on a Monday evening. Both of us agree that night we likely would have found “the One” and by the end of the week placed an offer on our first home together. And then, that morning, word went out that the company he worked for would be closing down in a year.

Needless to say, we canceled the showings.

For six months we’ve been in limbo while my partner tried to find a new job while trying to balance the extreme amount of hours he currently works and I’ve been holding off on any long-term plans not knowing what our future holds.

Well, our future is starting to take shape and in two weeks I’ll be moving my partner out to Prince Edward Island where I’ll join him another four weeks after that.


Last summer we took a trip to the east coast and enjoyed the island, but we’re not naive. We know that visiting a place is not the same as living in a place. While he has secured a job I will be starting the application process and leaving a job I’ve really enjoyed for the past three years. I’m in the middle of trying to search for housing based solely upon photos and phone conversations. We have to start packing up our stuff. We have to figure out how we’re going to logistically make this move.

It’s a big change.

But I feel eerily calm and confident.

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