Two Races – Training Recap Week 7

*Feeling off this week and I forgot to hit publish. Whoops!

Here in Ontario we celebrated Family Day last Monday. I use the term celebrate pretty loosely in this case. While some people I know truly do use the day to spend time with their families, most people take the day to relax and enjoy an extra day away from work. Me? It was nice to sleep in a little bit, drink a coffee while reading a book and curled up in bed with my dogs, fit in a run, go to therapy, and do some meal prepping. Yup, I did all this and I didn’t feel the slightest bit rushed.

This week I was fully back to running but I was trying to be really honest with myself about how I felt. Was that calf muscle feeling achy from my strain the previous week or were my legs just tired as they should be from my run? Am I resting and recovering as I need to be? Am I pushing myself enough? I’m not trying to make myself stressed or anxious asking myself these questions; I’m simply aiming to be present.


I think the best example I have of this was my 10K run on Monday. I hopped on the treadmill mostly aiming to run by feel. I thought I would maybe get 5K accomplished. Instead, 5K came and went, and then 7K, and before I knew it I had run a full 10K with my leg feeling great, my body feeling strong overall, and not having to take a single break. I think there were three reasons for this successful run: 1) I had really carbed up. The night before I had chicken parm on a bed of homemade spaghetti and that morning I had a bagel for breakfast. Lots of carbs = lots of energy. 2) I had done a lot of strength training and yoga while taking my short break from running. My body was feeling both strong and I had a great range of mobility. 3) I was rested. Taking almost a week off from running left me with a ton of energy. This is a great reminder of why tapering is so important on a training schedule.

Monday – 10K.

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Upper body. 1K warm up, 10x200m, 1K cool down.

Thursday – Lower body. Easy 5K

Friday – Yoga.

Saturday – 22K

Sunday – Rest.

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