Two Races – Week 5 Training Recap

On Thursday morning, less than 12 hours after running 10K at a pretty fair pace, I tried to run a few tempo kilometers. I clearly was not rested, fueled, or probably hydrated properly. I managed to push out one kilometer and decided not to force something more. The last thing I want is to burn out or injure myself early in the year. Instead, I finished the tempo and cool down kilometers and hopped onto a stationary bike for 20 minutes of cycling. It felt good to keep sweating while switching to something that required a different type of exertion.


This week was also a “down” week in mileage to work on resting and recovering my muscles. I was going to schedule it for this upcoming week but my boyfriend and I had a trip to Ottawa planned and the last thing I wanted to do was force myself to find time to run. So instead of my usual Saturday long-run we ended up skating the Rideau Canal and walking everywhere! I woke up on Sunday feeling a little sore but otherwise refreshed and ready to take on more mileage in week six.

Also, due to our trip and a therapy appointment I had to miss my usual two yoga classes. I fit in some yoga and stretching at home but I’m really looking forward to being back in the studio this week.

Monday – Lower body. 30 mins cycling.

Tuesday – Upper body. 1K warm up, 10x200m, 1K cool down.

Wednesday – 10K

Thursday – (AM) Lower body. 1K warm up, 1K tempo, 1K cool down. 20 mins cycling. (PM) Yoga @ home

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Skating the Rideau Canal & lots of walking

Sunday – Rest day


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