Two Races – Week 4 Training Recap

Last week was a weird week. I could start to feel my mental health getting to a weird place on Tuesday so I focused on getting some sleep. Finally by Friday I was ready to jump in again so I moved some things around on my schedule to make the most of the rest of the week only to feel sick on Saturday. I had a two-hour nap midday and spent the rest of the day on the couch reading a book.

Also, I’m really hungry all of the time. I think I need to start counting calories again so I can make sure I’m in that sweet spot of eating enough without eating too much. Plus, I really should make sure I’m getting enough protein in my diet. As much as it’s freeing to not be counting calories I think I need to remind myself what I’m burning and how I’m re-fueling.

Despite all of the rest days I’m ready to take on this week. I’m feeling refreshed and it helps that I know I don’t have a long run this weekend – it’s my “down” week while my boyfriend and I head to Ottawa for the weekend – and I have my next long run of 22K scheduled for February 16th.

Last week:

Monday – Easy 10K

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Rest

Friday – (AM) Upper body. 1K warm up, 3K tempo, 1K cool down (PM) Yoga

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – (AM) 20K. (PM) Yoga @ home


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