Two Races – Week 3 Training Recap

Last week felt both easy and hard, and yet trying to recall what I did last week I can’t remember much of it. Thank goodness I have the Nike Run Club and FitBit apps where I log everything meticulously so I can look back and see what I did each day.

What I do vividly remember is my long run on Saturday. Boy, that was a doozy. I had a 18K scheduled so I woke up Saturday morning, ate a banana muffin and croissant and read for about an hour while I let it digest, and then made sure to dress incredibly warm. Unfortunately it didn’t help much.

With the windchill I believe it was nearing -20 degrees Celsius. Instead of a hat I had chosen to wear my Buff wrapped around my head. It kept my head and ears warm but I found that sweat collected at the top of my head and froze, giving me the appearance of grey hair, and the braids I had decided to wear had also frozen solid. I need to remember to wear my fleece-lined leggings next time because the wind made my thighs feel like they alternated between numbness and burning. However, the worst part of all was beyond my control. A lot of residences and businesses failed to properly salt their sidewalks and I spent a lot of the time having to slow my run down to a walk, or catching myself before I fell onto my face. I finished 15 of my 18 kilometers outside before returning home and jumping on the treadmill for the last three.

Ultimately I’m glad I made it outside because Around the Bay is notorious for being an extremely cold race, and I know if I tweak my running gear slightly I’ll be able to survive the cold for another 15 kilometers.

Now that I’ve checked my apps to remind myself what I actually did last week, here’s what it looked like:

Monday – Easy 10K

Tuesday – Legs. 1K warm up, 2K tempo, 1K cool down. 10 minutes light cycling.

Wednesday – Unscheduled rest day. I was exhausted.

Thursday – “Peak Physique” yoga class. It was surprisingly a difficult workout but not my favourite

Friday – (AM) Upper body. Easy 6K. (PM) Yoga.

Saturday – 18K long run. Lots of stretching.

Sunday – Rest. I was going to make up for my missed Wednesday workout but I after my long run I needed this day off. I also went to a massage therapy session and I’m so glad I had the forethought earlier in the week to pre-book this. I needed it.

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