Two Races – Week 2 Training Recap

I thought my goal of running Around the Bay/30K at the end of March was overreaching but I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly my fitness is coming back to me. In fact, I feel stronger as a runner now than I have in a long time – probably since I ran my marathon in October 2017.

I’m currently aiming to schedule five runs each week – two easy (one longer, one shorter), two speed training sessions, and one long-run. So far this feels like the right fit for me. I’m balancing my mileage with strength training and yoga, and this week I’ll be adding in different cross-training methods to see how my body feels. My nutrition hasn’t been great so I know that this is also something I’m going to need to place more of a focus on.

In Toronto we’ve been facing extreme cold warnings so I actually ran 16K on the treadmill on Saturday. I get bored easily so I had e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, and Netflix ready to go. I didn’t use everything I had but I was surprised it didn’t feel as tedious as I thought it would.

Here’s a look at my training last week:

Monday – Arms + core. 1K warm-up, 8x400m with 2 minute rests, 1K cool-down.

Tuesday – Slept in instead of running an easy 10K. Went to yoga in the evening.

Wednesday – Legs. 1K warm-up, 2K tempo, 1K cool-down. In the evening I made up for the 10K I had skipped on Tuesday.

Thursday – My birthday! I also ended up skipping my workout and took a rest day. I slept in and ate a ton of Indian food that night.

Friday – Legs. Easy 3K. Yoga.

Saturday – 16K long run.

Sunday – Legs. Easy 3K. Yoga at home.


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