Training for Two Races

At the end of 2018 I made the somewhat hasty decision to sign up for Around the Bay in Hamilton. It’s a 30K road race so I knew that if I trained I could do it. The question was, would I train?

I’m still working through my depression but I feel like I’m out of the extreme darkness that I was in throughout the fall. I cautiously made my way back to the gym and so far, so good. It was difficult to get back into a routine and I could tell I had lost a lot of fitness, but I did find myself adapting fairly quickly. I’m back up to lifting the amount of weight I could before and my running is feeling easier each day.

Last week I logged a total of 40K, increasing from 12K the week before, and I consider it my first week of my training plan. I’m using a combination of strength training, yoga, long runs, easy runs, and speed training to structure my training.

I’m technically training for 17 weeks. The first 12 weeks will take me to the date of Around the Bay, and my final 5 will hopefully lead up to a spring marathon. I’m writing out my own plan (I’ve used and like the Nike Run Club app in the past) and I’m only planning ahead four weeks at a time.

I don’t have any time-goals for these races – I just want to make it through this training cycle feeling strong and like I accomplished something.

I’m very interested to see what these next few months will bring.


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