March? Already?

I can’t explain why I feel stressed about the date, but I can tell you this started a few days ago, on the 25th of February. I woke up, checked my phone, and when I saw the date I immediately thought, “WE ONLY HAVE TEN MORE MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.” Seriously, I started to stress out.

Surprisingly, despite the stress I’m feeling, I’m in a really great mood today. But I definitely keep thinking, Here we are. It’s March. I haven’t accomplished anything. And honestly, this is so far from the truth!

First, I spent six weeks marathon training, and that meant I was running 4-5 times each week. On top of those runs I was lifting weights, cross-training, and going to yoga which means I was sometimes working out twice a day!

Second, I made a decision (which I haven’t yet talked about here) to dive head-first into building a business. I’m a great baker and I’ve started to work on the decorating side of things. I’ve baked a lot of cakes and cupcakes, decorated them, started working on a marketing plan, and have been doing a lot of research and brainstorming.

Third, I went on vacation! Michael and I hadn’t gone on a “real” vacation together in the almost seven years we’ve been together, so this huge. Despite getting sick on vacation we had a great time, learned we can travel well together, and it felt really good to be somewhere incredibly hot as our city was covered in ice and snow.

Fourth, I got sick and was sick for a long time. For three weeks I got my butt kicked by the flu, a general viral infection, and then a cough so awful that walking around the grocery would lead me to cough so hard that I would gag. Once I coughed so hard I actually threw up on my blankets as I was curled up in bed. It was horrible.

I also was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, went to my first NBA game, went to a lacrosse game with my mom and sister for our annual family date, and made a lot of great food.

So even though two months of 2018 are already over, I haven’t been as unproductive as I thought I had been. I have already had a pretty good year and I have high hopes for the next 10 months.

Happy March!

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