Marathon Monday: Week 6

I’m a day late writing and posting this, but I’ve begun week six of marathon training. The last two weeks have been a little weird. I start the week strong and energized, but by midweek I feel like I’m on the verge of the flu (super tired and achy) so I take a few days off, feel better, go back to the gym, and then the cycle repeats itself. Hm.

On the plus side I have still completed everything that the Nike Run Club app schedules for me, and I just rested from all of the “extras” I schedule for myself. Either way, I’m really hoping I’ve over whatever that was and I’m ready to keep pushing.

Here’s what’s up this week:

Monday: Legs (AM) + Benchmark Run (PM)
Tuesday: NTC workout + Cycle (AM) + Flow Yoga class (PM)
Wednesday: Arms, Core + 4K Recovery (AM) + Power Yoga class (PM)
Thursday: Legs (AM) + 3.5K Recovery (PM)
Friday: Arms, Core (AM) + 2.5K Recovery
Saturday: Flow Yoga class

I do want to note that this week and next week I am doing two-a-days and ramping up the exercise because I’m leaving on the 3rd to lie on the beach for a week and the vain part of me wants to tighten up a little bit more before we leave. I know, I know.

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