Marathon Training – Ottawa: Week 5

So back before Christmas I was having a hard time feeling motivated. I was in the gym and working out but everything was so lackluster. I had my eye on a marathon for 2018 and had originally planned for only an 18-week training schedule, but the last time I felt truly great about my entire workout routine was when I was marathon training. So I booted up my Nike Run Club app, put in the marathon date, and wouldn’t you know? I was 23 weeks out – the same number of weeks my training plan for my first marathon was. So I jumped in head first.

The first three weeks went really well, and then last week I was hit with the flu. I still managed to hit the workouts on my training plan, but the rest of my gym plans were put on the back-burner.

Nevertheless, I am officially in week five of training for the Ottawa Tamarack Marathon on May 27th. I chose Ottawa because I love the city. Ever since I went to school at Carleton University I have had such a soft spot for that city and I never get to go back as often as I would like. Literally, the last time I was there I was running a half marathon at the Army Run. Go figure.

So, anyways, here’s what week five is looking like (full disclosure: we’re going on vacation the first week of February so I’m ramping up my workouts for the next three weeks because I am vain):

MONDAY: Arms + Core (AM) & 6x200m (PM)
TUESDAY: Legs + Spin (AM) & Flow Yoga (PM)
WEDNESDAY – MY BIRTHDAY: Favourite strength movements + 3.5K Recovery Run
THURSDAY: 9K Long Run (AM) & Flow Yoga (PM)
FRIDAY: Legs (AM) + 3.5K Tempo Run
SATURDAY: Nike Training Club workout + Flow Yoga
SUNDAY: Arms + Core

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