Hello, December – Ramblings & Goals

Wow, I can barely believe we’ve already reached the last month of 2017. I’ve been in full Holiday Mode since mid-November, but I feel like the rest of the world is finally catching up with me. I’ve finished my shopping, am starting my Christmas baking tonight, and running the Santa Shuffle tomorrow morning. I won’t call you a Grinch, but I see so much love and joy this time of year that I find it so hard to hate the holiday season.

Because the month of December is always so busy I’m not making any big goals. In fact, I’m going to carry on with two things I’ve been really working on lately: hydration and daily steps. Most days I’ve been drinking a gallon of water and getting in at least 10,000 steps, and I find this has had a huge impact on my fitness level. The last three days I’ve been struggling with weird muscle pains in my neck, shoulders, and chest on my left side, so I’ve skipped the gym while focusing on those two things, and instead of feeling guilty like I usually would have, I feel pretty great.

A third goal? I’d like to eat like a normal person. This time of year creates the perfect environment for weight gain, especially for me because I feel like I have a hard time saying “no.” I definitely won’t deprive myself because for me that leads to a binge, but I need to use moderation. I know, people are sick of that word and it has taken on the same sort of buzz that “detox” and “clean” have, but I’m serious. A couple of treats here and there, but I need to eat the meals I prep for myself every Sunday night.

Off topic, but does anyone still buy themselves advent calendars? I have two polar opposites: for the third or fourth year in a row I bought myself a David’s Tea calendar, but I also splurged and ordered Craft Beer advent calendars for myself and my boyfriend. I’m excited to dig into both this month!

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