Post Marathon – Final Thoughts

  1. I did it. Holy shit. I ran 42.2 km and I didn’t die.
  2. I can’t lie – I am disappointed with my time. Based on my training I should have come in at least half an hour earlier. But it’s been a learning experience and if I decide to do it again I will kill it.
  3. I was hoping that running an October marathon meant it would be colder than it was. The heat really messed with my body, and I couldn’t even take in my carbs on the course because I felt so nauseated.
  4. I have done a lot of laundry over the past six months. Running and working out five to six days each week means I had a lot of sweaty clothes to wash.
  5. The worst part of a long run is getting undressed. Seriously. There is nothing more disgusting that literally peeling your drenched clothing off of your sweaty body to get into the shower.
  6. Also, after 20+ kilometers trying to get out of a sports bra is like a marathon in itself.
  7. I’ve never had “nice” looking feet, but blisters and callouses have definitely not helped.
  8. But, thankfully, I didn’t lose any toenails! Honestly, this was my biggest fear.
  9. Switching to morning workouts gave me so much more free time. I wish I had started them before I was seven weeks out.
  10. Taper Madness is real and it’s scary.
  11. I couldn’t have done this without my mom. She helped kick my butt at the end of at least three long-runs and was my cheerleader the entire 23 weeks.
  12. She once brought me band-aids mid-run because of the fore-mentioned blisters.
  13. Also, she met me at the last 500m and it took everything in me to not cry. I felt like I was having an asthma attack because I was so tired and trying not to sob. Her support was incredible.
  14. And to: my sister, Kyla, boyfriend, Michael, best friend, Brittany, and social media soulmate, Lauren… your well wishes meant more to me than you will ever know. When I wanted to give up I hung onto your words and they kept my legs moving.
  15. I’m going to have so much free time now that I’m not running for 2-4 hours and following  up with an hour-long nap.
  16. I’m going to miss when my FitBit tells me after I log my long run that I have 3000+ calories to eat.
  17. I’m jumping into a “quick” six-week training plan for a faster 5K. I’m doing the Santa Shuffle on December 2nd and I think it’ll be a nice way to come out of training.
  18. Otherwise, I’m not sure what my next “big” goal will be. So far I’ve thought about: another marathon while setting a time-goal, Around the Bay 2018, a Spartan Race, a triathlon, or dropping back to the half-marathon and getting an official PR. I guess time will tell.

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