Final Thoughts Before I Run My First Marathon

  1. I can’t believe I have less than a week to go until my first marathon. I’ve been (mostly) training hard for almost 23 weeks and it feels like I made the decision to jump from the half distance to the full a lifetime ago.
  2. I’m still not that hungry. I thought I would be ravenous during marathon training, but even after my longest run (34 km) I had picked up a burger and a DQ Blizzard, and I was stuffed after the burger. I’m not mad about that.
  3. It is fun to have room in my diet to eat whatever I want (after the fore-mentioned 34 km run I had 4,500 calories to eat for the day, including a 500 calorie weight-loss deficit) but it doesn’t feel great to binge. I thought I’d be wanting lots of candy and sweets but my favourite post-run meals include smoothies, burgers, and sandwiches – hearty foods.
  4. I have discovered I’m 100% a heel-striker. Not only from trying to take a photo of myself running for Instagram, but my shoes are showing huge wear on the heels. It’s too close to Race Day to change my shoes now, but if I train for one again I think I’m going to need to re-evaluate my shoe choice. Also – heel striking doesn’t hurt.
  5. Taper Madness is a real thing. Despite my mileage being cut in half my body hurts so badly. I’m so achy and tired even though I’m getting more sleep, and I can’t seem to get enough liquids.
  6. I was battling with my depression pretty badly recently and I learned that pushing through is not always the best idea. Two kilometers into what was supposed to be a 25 km run, I called my boyfriend, bawling, to pick me up. Thankfully he is a gem that ignored my tears and told me funny stories to distract me. Thank you for knowing what I needed.

  7. Having a big, active dog is fun. I don’t like to run with other people, but taking Cooper out on speed training sessions or my shorter runs was a nice change of pace from my solitude. Especially when I was struggling with my depression.
  8. I also think a lot of my reluctance to run with others comes from being a slower runner. I hate feeling like I’m holding people back so it was nice to have my mom join me at the end of my long runs for 4-8 km, listening to her tell me stories and cheering me on to keep my legs moving, knowing that I was running out of steam. Learning to get over my insecurities and become more of a group-runner was vital to my training.
  9. I’ve looked ahead to Sunday’s weather and I’m disappointed that it’s going to be warm and somewhat sunny on Race Day. If I’ve learned anything this summer it’s that I do not run well in the heat and the colder it is, the faster I go.
  10. Every time I think about the marathon I start feeling extremely anxious but I know I will survive. I’ve trained for 23 weeks, I’ve run hundreds of kilometers, and woken up at 5AM on a Saturday morning enough times to know that I’m going to cross that finish line, even if I have to crawl over it.

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