Marathon Monday: Week 18

I got back on track last week. I hit all of my scheduled workouts and I think I’ve finally converted to exercising in the  morning. I feel like it’s changed my life and I really hope I keep this up.

Saturday was a huge run for me (29.5K) so I’m looking forward to a lower-mileage week but I’m a little nervous because during my Rest Day yesterday I was bored out of my mind. I can only imagine what my taper will feel like.

Last week:

Monday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min Cycle
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min Stairclimber
Thursday: 8.5K Recovery Run
Friday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 30min Cycle
Saturday: 29.5K Long Run
Sunday: Rest

This week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 3.5K Tempo Run
Tuesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min Cycle
Wednesday: 5K Recovery Run + Yoga
Thursday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min Stairclimber
Friday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 3K Recovery Run
Saturday: 13K Long Run
Sunday: Rest Day/Yoga

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