Marathon Monday(ish): Week 13

Happy Wednesday! I had all of the best intentions to write and post this on Monday (and then on Tuesday), despite the long weekend, but then I completed a very wet long run and that all went out the window.

image1 (8)

Last week went well. I wish I had done my speed training on the treadmill, though, bec

ause I struggled to complete just 3.5K in the worst heat and humidity. Surprisingly, my favourite “run” last week was the Nike Training Club workout I had to do – it was mostly a 15 minute guided stretching and it felt wonderful. I ended up saving it to my account so I can do it again.

I also succeeded in completing my training despite going away for the long weekend. I woke up a 5AM to run 13KM before driving three hours north to go to our annual family reunion. The weather was clear and cool, and I felt very strong.

This week I’m hoping to incorporate one or two yoga classes into my schedule. I really want to start going to yoga regularly again, and I definitely think it will benefit my training.

Last week:

Monday: Strength training (legs) + cycle
Tuesday: Strength training (arms) + 5K Recovery
Wednesday: Rest (massage therapy appointment)
Thursday: Strength training (legs) + 3.5K Tempo run
Friday: Strength training (arms, core) + NTC workout + cycle
Saturday: 13K Recovery run
Sunday: Active Rest – swimming and walking for leisure

Total Mileage: 21.5K

This week:

Monday: 24K Long Run
Tuesday: Strength training (legs) + cycle
Wednesday: Strength training (arms) + 15m Benchmark
Thursday: Strength training (legs) + 6.5K Recovery
Friday: Strength training (arms + core) + cycle
Saturday: Power Yoga class
Sunday: 8.5K Recovery

Strength training: 4
Mileage: Approx 41K
Rest: Yoga

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