Marathon Training: Week 12

I sort of deviated from my training plan last week. I had 8.5K scheduled for Saturday morning but after only getting three hours of sleep on Friday night I just didn’t want to push it. Instead, I woke up and took my dog for a long walk to get my legs moving and get my heart rate up a bit. I also struggled with my 21K long run on Sunday but I finished it and feel OK today – just a little bit tired.

I have a massage appointment booked for Wednesday night and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been pretty good with stretching and foam rolling over the last three months but I’m at the point where I need someone to dig a little deeper for me.

This week is also going to be a lower mileage week and after last week’s long run I think I need it.

Last week:

Monday: Rest (BFF’s Birthday dinner)
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Thursday: Strength Training (arms) + 6.5K Recovery Run
Friday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Saturday: 5.8K walk in lieu of 8.5K Recovery Run
Sunday: 21K Long Run

Total Mileage: 38.3K (including walk)

This week:

Monday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms) + 5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: NTC workout (15 minutes of guided stretching)/Rest (1 hour of Massage Therapy)
Thursday: Strength Training (legs) + 3.5K Tempo Run
Friday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 30min cycle
Saturday: 13K Long Run
Sunday: Free/Active Rest

Mileage: 21.5K
Strength Training: 4
Rest days: 1-2

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