Marathon Monday: Week 16

Well, last week was a doozy. Starting the previous Friday I had just been feeling off and it lasted all of last week. It’s hard to explain, but I just felt really tired and achy. I ended up taking a couple of extra rest days and even today I still don’t feel 100% (however, yesterday was my long run so that could explain today’s fatigue).

This week is going to be a busy one so I’m going to take my training plan with a grain of salt. The most important thing is to hit my scheduled runs while strength training (while definitely helpful) can be missed.

Last week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms) + 7x800m Speed Training
Tuesday: 8.5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 5K Tempo Run
Saturday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 30min Cycle
Sunday: 26.5K Long Run

Total Mileage: 45.6K

This week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms + core) + Benchmark Run
Tuesday: 8.5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Strength Training (legs) + StairMaster
Thursday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 30min Cycle
Friday: 21K Long Run
Saturday: Yoga/Rest
Sunday: Strength Training (legs) + 5K Tempo Run

Mileage: 36.5K
Strength Training: 4
Rest Days: 1

Marathon Monday: Week 15

I’m officially down to single digit weeks until my first marathon. It’s part terrifying, part exhilarating, part exhausting, but I’m surviving (so far).

For the first time in this training cycle I am seriously tired. Every day last week I wanted to come home from work and take a nap, and yesterday afternoon I needed one so badly but was away from my home all day long. Instead I fell asleep around 9-9:30PM, and kept hitting my Snooze button until 7AM. I woke up so late that I had to grab a salad and yogurt from the grocery store for lunch and will have to do all my meal prepping tonight. I also took Rest Days before and after my long run because my body could not handle anymore training.

This week, I’m taking training day-by-day. I might incorporate more yoga and stretching and less strength training into my routine until I feel able to train hard again.

Here’s a look at what I did last week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms) + 5K Recovery Run
Tuesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min Cycle
Wednesday: 7x800m Speed Training
Thursday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 20min StairMaster
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 25K Long Run
Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage: 35.6K

What I’m hoping to accomplish this week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms) + 7x800m Speed Training
Tuesday: 8.5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Rest Day (My momma’s birthday!)
Thursday: Strength Training (legs) + 5K Tempo Run
Friday: Strength Training (arms, core) + 30min Cycle
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: 26.5K Long Run + possible Yoga class

Strength Training: 3
Mileage: 45.6K
Rest days: 1 + Yoga

Marathon Monday(ish): Week 13

Happy Wednesday! I had all of the best intentions to write and post this on Monday (and then on Tuesday), despite the long weekend, but then I completed a very wet long run and that all went out the window.

image1 (8)

Last week went well. I wish I had done my speed training on the treadmill, though, bec

ause I struggled to complete just 3.5K in the worst heat and humidity. Surprisingly, my favourite “run” last week was the Nike Training Club workout I had to do – it was mostly a 15 minute guided stretching and it felt wonderful. I ended up saving it to my account so I can do it again.

I also succeeded in completing my training despite going away for the long weekend. I woke up a 5AM to run 13KM before driving three hours north to go to our annual family reunion. The weather was clear and cool, and I felt very strong.

This week I’m hoping to incorporate one or two yoga classes into my schedule. I really want to start going to yoga regularly again, and I definitely think it will benefit my training.

Last week:

Monday: Strength training (legs) + cycle
Tuesday: Strength training (arms) + 5K Recovery
Wednesday: Rest (massage therapy appointment)
Thursday: Strength training (legs) + 3.5K Tempo run
Friday: Strength training (arms, core) + NTC workout + cycle
Saturday: 13K Recovery run
Sunday: Active Rest – swimming and walking for leisure

Total Mileage: 21.5K

This week:

Monday: 24K Long Run
Tuesday: Strength training (legs) + cycle
Wednesday: Strength training (arms) + 15m Benchmark
Thursday: Strength training (legs) + 6.5K Recovery
Friday: Strength training (arms + core) + cycle
Saturday: Power Yoga class
Sunday: 8.5K Recovery

Strength training: 4
Mileage: Approx 41K
Rest: Yoga

Marathon Training: Halfway Point Thoughts

I’m halfway through training for my first full marathon. It’s crazy to think I’m running half marathon distances as part of a training plan and not as a race. Overall I feel pretty good – I feel strong and am determined to make it to race day in October. Three months down and three months to go, here are some of my marathon training thoughts:

  1. I’m not as hungry as I thought I would be…
  2. …but I do feel like the Queen of Carbs. All I want are carb-heavy foods for all of my meals (bagels, muffins, bananas).image1 (7)
  3. Additionally, all I want after a long run is the biggest sandwich possible.
  4. And chocolate espresso cookies from Farm Boy (even though they haven’t had them the last three weeks).
  5. My city needs more water fountains. I only know of one so I have to plan my long runs around being able to refill my bottle at the same place.
  6. I had to cave and book a massage therapy appointment because foam rolling and stretching can’t reach a couple of weird muscles aches I have.
  7. As someone who NEVER naps I’ve been giving in and taking them after my long runs, and they are glorious.
  8. Compression socks. I even wore them with shorts to do my grocery shopping on the weekend because my calves were so sore and swollen, but it was also too hot to cover them with pants. My boyfriend is not impressed with my new style.image2 (1)
  9. I’m having trouble taking in fuel during my runs. It’s been so hot and humid it’s hard to stomach many things, but occasionally my stomach will allow me to eat a couple of Starbursts.
  10. Having a social life is difficult. My best friend’s birthday dinner meant that my rest day was going to be on that day, and I drove to my other best friend’s cottage for only the day because I had to get up early and run 21K the next morning. This long-weekend I’m driving 2.5 hours each way to only spend one night at a family reunion because I need time to train.
  11. I carry a massage ball in my purse just in case. I spend half of my time at work propping it under my right glute and the other half with it in between my shoulder blades.
  12. I’m also getting really good at stretching at my desk.
  13. I’m tired but I can’t drink coffee. Just the thought of it is giving me GI issues.
  14. This is summer-specific but I’m starting to appreciate the treadmill. Speed training in 30 degrees with 88% humidity yesterday was not fun. I think I might start taking my shorter runs inside more often.
  15. I could not do this without the support of my mom. She helps me by taking care of my dog when I want to run or workout without feeling like a bad dog-mom, she offers to pick me up if I don’t want to do an out-and-back or if I just can’t go any further, and when I’m feeling like my running isn’t going well she makes me feel like a pro-athlete. Moms are the best.

Marathon Training: Week 12

I sort of deviated from my training plan last week. I had 8.5K scheduled for Saturday morning but after only getting three hours of sleep on Friday night I just didn’t want to push it. Instead, I woke up and took my dog for a long walk to get my legs moving and get my heart rate up a bit. I also struggled with my 21K long run on Sunday but I finished it and feel OK today – just a little bit tired.

I have a massage appointment booked for Wednesday night and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been pretty good with stretching and foam rolling over the last three months but I’m at the point where I need someone to dig a little deeper for me.

This week is also going to be a lower mileage week and after last week’s long run I think I need it.

Last week:

Monday: Rest (BFF’s Birthday dinner)
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Thursday: Strength Training (arms) + 6.5K Recovery Run
Friday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Saturday: 5.8K walk in lieu of 8.5K Recovery Run
Sunday: 21K Long Run

Total Mileage: 38.3K (including walk)

This week:

Monday: Strength Training (legs) + 30min cycle
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms) + 5K Recovery Run
Wednesday: NTC workout (15 minutes of guided stretching)/Rest (1 hour of Massage Therapy)
Thursday: Strength Training (legs) + 3.5K Tempo Run
Friday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 30min cycle
Saturday: 13K Long Run
Sunday: Free/Active Rest

Mileage: 21.5K
Strength Training: 4
Rest days: 1-2