Snapshots & Thoughts

image1 (5)

I’m not a pie person, but my boyfriend is. He gets to be my guinea pig while I practice working on my crusts and with different fillings.


I always mean to take more photos of the things we do but I end up wrapped up in the moment. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Elora Brewing Company was probably my favourite stop on our beer adventures last week.


It’s gotten to that time in my marathon training where compression socks and ice baths feel luxurious. This is the look I was rocking after my 19.5K long run on Sunday.

image1 (6)

I’m slowly growing my indoor plant collection. My room is in the basement so I have to be careful about choosing plants that only need minimal sunlight.


Having Scene debit and Visa cards means I rack up a crazy amount of points. We don’t go to the movies often so I end up using my points against purchases at Sport Chek. I bought the Fitbit Charge 2 for $2.10 after cashing in my points.

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