Marathon Monday: Week 10

Last week went really well but my long run was a little more difficult than the week before – more walking and more water, but I finished. I’m a little nervous for this week because my boyfriend and I are taking a small, overnight trip which means it’s difficult to move around my runs. Luckily, my training plan only includes two real runs this week, plus one 15 minute Benchmark Run and one Nike Training Club session. I added an extra 8K (will take it super easy) but we’ll see if I have the time with it. I’m also excited because the hotel we’re staying at has a small gym area, but they have a deal with a large gym across the street so there’s lots of opportunity to fit in my workouts.

Last week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms) + 12x200m Speed Training
Tuesday: Strength Training (legs) + 30 min Cycle
Wednesday: 8K Recovery Run
Thursday: Strength Training (arms + core) + 8x200m Speed Training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 18K Long Run
Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage: 30.12K

This week:

Monday: Strength Training (legs) + 5K Recovery Run
Tuesday: Strength Training (arms) + Benchmark Run
Wednesday: Strength Training (legs) + 8K easy run (not on plan)
Thursday: Nike Training Club + 30 min cycle
Friday: Strength Training (arms + core)
Saturday: 19.5K Long Run
Sunday: Rest

Total Strength Training: 5
Approximate Mileage: 34.5K
Rest Days: 1

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