Marathon Monday: Week 7

img_3278So last week I made a slight error and posted the wrong training plan information. It was my previous Week 6 plan before I had adapted it. Based on how my training goes and how many runs I’m hitting (lately I’ve only been getting in 3/4 scheduled workouts), the Nike Run Club app gives me the option to have them adapt my plan every Sunday.

The updated training went well. For the first time in seven weeks I actually completed everything that was scheduled, including a half-hour workout they provided me with through their sister app, Nike Training Club. I thought that the workout would be a breeze since I’m still doing other unscheduled strength and cross-training. Let me tell you, I was wrong. In half an hour Nike had me working up a sweat without using any equipment.

Anyways, here’s looking at what I actually did last week:

Monday: Strength Training (arms) + 3.5K Recovery Run
Tuesday: Nike Training Club workout + 30 minutes cycling
Wednesday: Rest Day (3-hour Cake Decorating course)
Thursday: Strength Training (arms) + 5K Recovery Run
Friday: Rest (my commute home took me two hours)
Saturday: 11x400m Speed Training
Sunday: Rest

Total Mileage: 13K

This week I have two busy nights in a row so I’m a little worried about having time for all of my workouts but I’ll try my best. My main goal is to to finish the week feeling strong and accomplished – mainly a mental game.

Monday:  8K Recovery Run + yoga
Tuesday: Strength Training (legs) + 6K Recovery Run
Rest Day (3-hour Cake Decorating class)
Rest Day (in the city to meet a friend)
Strength Training (arms, core) + 15min Benchmark Run
15K Long Run
Strength training (arms) + yoga

Total Strength Training Days: 3
Total Yoga Days: 2
Total Mileage: approx. 31K
Rest Days: 2

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