Marathon Monday – Week 5

Happy Monday!

A few weeks ago I started to try out a marathon training plan, and a couple of weeks later (when my confidence increased) I officially registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Today is the first day of week five of a 23-week training and it feels crazy how much time has already passed. This week my goal is work on balancing training with work, social commitments, and doing other physical activities that I love and keep me healthy. This week should look a little like this:

Monday: Strength Training (Arms) + 15 minute Benchmark run
Tuesday: 12K Long Run + Yoga
Wednesday: Rest Day (3-hour Cake Decorating class)
Thursday: 4.5K Recovery Run (AM) + Strength Training (Legs – PM/After dinner with a friend)
Friday: Strength Training (Arms + Core)
Saturday: Toronto Waterfront 10K (Training plan only has 7.5K scheduled)
Sunday: Strength Training (Legs) + Yoga

Total Strength Training Days: 4
Total Yoga Days: 2
Total Mileage: approx. 28.5 KM
Rest Days: 1

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